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Cudjoe Key

Mile Marker 20.5 to 23 — Like its neighbor to the north, Cudjoe Key’s development is primarily south of the Overseas Highway toward the ocean. The island is home to Venture Out, a waterfront resort-style development with a mix of long-term residents and vacation rentals. Outside of Venture Out, the island’s east end consists primarily of single-family homes built along canals or on open water. Toward the island’s west end is Cudjoe Gardens, a development made up of mostly ground-level, concrete-block homes built on elevated canalfront lots. The deed-restricted neighborhood caters to boaters with its own marina. There are several commercial ventures along the highway, including restaurants, day spas, fish houses and a fitness center. There is sparse development on the island’s north side, with most of it dedicated to preservation. One of Cudjoe Key’s most famous landmarks usually can be seen floating north of the highway, about halfway down the island. “Fat Albert” as it’s known to the locals, is a tethered radar system reportedly used by the U.S. government to monitor activity in the Florida Straits and to broadcast an American television signal into Cuba.

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