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The steps of selling Real Estate in the Florida Keys

– Find a Realtor and sit down for a consultation to analyze needs

– Establish a working relationship (sign the listing agreement)

– Your agent will photograph your home

– Your agent will have your home on caravan for other agents to view

– Prepare your home for sale (i.e. staging, cleaning, de-cluttering etc.)

– Your agent will show property to buyers & give you feedback from the showings

– You will be presented with an offer with an earnest money deposit and pre-qualification letter or verification of available funds

– Terms of the sale will be negotiated

– All parties agree and sign the contract; upon final signature begins the “Effective Date”

– Buyers make mortgage application

– A home Inspection is performed

– The Buyers commit to proceed to closing or send cancellation to Seller

– Second Escrow money deposit is made and verified

– Choose Closing Agent, (the party negotiated to pay title selects the closing company)

– Appraisal is done

– Mortgage approval received

– Your agent will send you a Loan Commitment Letter or Cancellation Notice

– The Buyers will do a pre-closing walk through

– You will need to schedule utilities to be disconnected & moved

– Upon closing, funds will be distributed

There are four reasons a property sells:

1. Location

2. Price

3. Condition

4. Real Estate Agent

Location: Your homes location helps determine the value.

Price: The right price can be determined by a well–researched market evaluation. This will compare your home to similar properties that have recently sold and those currently on the market.

Condition: The condition of your home is vital to a sale. A clean, well-maintained home enjoys a competitive edge over all other homes on the market. You will sell faster & at a higher price if you “stage” your home to enhance its appeal.

Real Estate Agent: Your real estate agent will advise you of market condition, pricing and staging recommendations as well as assisting with financing, title work, appraising and closing activities

Just as you insist on a well experienced, well prepared doctor to treat your family, you want a real estate professional with a proven track record that does their homework when representing you in the sale of your home.


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