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What’s Happing in the Keys this week?

November 4-8-
•24th Annual Parrot Heads Key West, Meeting of the Minds

November 4-July 5-
•Florida Keys History & Discovery Presents: Midweek Matinees

November 5-
•Key West Business After Hours

November 6-
•Ocean Life Series-Roseate Spoonbills in Florida Bay: Pink Canaries in a Coal Mine
•MarrVelous Pet Rescue Presents: 5th SpayGhetti & No Balls Gala

November 6-8-
•Beach Road Trip Weekend
•Robert James Sales Redbone Celebrity Tournament

November 7-
•No Hearts Apart Century Bicycle Tour
•4th Annual Community Day at Florida Keys Community College
•2nd Annual SOS Casino Night Gala

November 7-8-
•2015 Islamorada Moose Lodge bacon Fest

November 8-
•Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary 25th Anniversary Family Fun Festival

November 8-15-
•34th Annual Key West World Championship Super Boat Races

For a complete list of local events or more information, see the links below:

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