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Are you looking for a rewarding career? Are you looking for the right office to help you to take your real estate career to the next level? Work with us! American Caribbean Real Estate Middle and Lower Keys excels in the agent support needed to make our agents successful.

Not all Real Estate Companies are alike:

70% of our agents are in the Top 6% of all agents in the Keys. It is a fact that you need to surround yourself with successful people to become more successful yourself. For over 30 years American Caribbean Real Estate Middle & Lower Keys has been providing the highest level of real estate services to our clients and agents. We do this through personalized attention to both our clients and our agents.

How are we different from the competition?

  • We provide support & training for agents, which makes them more effective at selling property.
  • We deploy industry-leading technology like, our custom iPhone App.
  • Image setting marketing that is custom tailored to our agents and their respective listings.
  • Our agents and office staff work together as a team. When you join the American Caribbean team you get the full advantage of the knowledge and experience of our full sales force.
  • We utilize a Real Estate Success training program to help jump-start or rejuvenate our agents business.
  • Our Broker and Manager maintain an open-door policy for hands-on agent support.

The proof is in our track record. Our agents are the highest producing agents in our market! Below is how our agents productivity compare to our competitors.

2014 Per Agent Chart - Work with Us

2015 YTD Per Agent

See how our agents performed vs. our competition year-to-date up to July 7, 2015

Do you want to excel in life and get rewarded? Work with Us.

Don’t waste any more time. Call Jody Owen, Manager at 305-923-1902 or Ginger Henderson, Broker at 305-731-5751 for a confidential interview.

What our Agents say:

Karen Raspe: “When I was looking for the best office for me, I wanted the right size with the most productive agents. That’s exactly what I got at American Caribbean Real Estate… today I am most grateful for the teamwork and camaraderie of our entire office… It’s a pleasure to come to work.”

Brenda Torrella: “I came to work at American Caribbean Real Estate because of the higher-end image… I was an experienced agent when I came, but one thing that puts money in pocket is the firm stand on commissions due… the higher commission definitely means more money at the end of the year.”

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